Welcome to Divinely Raw. The home of the finest handmade raw chocolates.

We are Louise and Andy and we both have a passion: Chocolate. But not just the normal, everyday chocolate you buy from the shop; rather the finest raw, organic chocolates handmade from the highest quality ingredients. In fact we both love our chocolate so much, we created Divinely Raw to share our passion with you.

Chocolate does not have to be bad for you.

All of our chocolates are handmade from the finest organic ingredients. We only deal with fair trade suppliers growing cacao on sustainable farms so we can be sure the farmers are getting a fair deal and we're doing our best to minimise any environmental impact. All our ingredients are certified organic in the country of origin.

Where additional flavours or textures are added, again we use only certified organic products.

And that's it. No artificial additives, no emulsifiers, no cheaper ingredients to make the chocolate go further, just the finest organic chocolates available.