We are Divinely Raw and we love guilt free great tasting raw fairly traded organic chocolate.

Divinely Raw was founded by Louise Knecht and Andy Pask, both great believers that chocolate shouldn't have to be bad for you! In fact we love raw, fair traded organic chocolate as it is a little bit of healthy heaven in every bite!

Plus by using fair trade ingredients we are helping to make a difference to the farmers out in Peru and Equador so with every mouthful that tastes good we know we are also helping and doing good.

In a world that has become so indulgent in processed foods and refined sugars, we are happy to share with you our chocolate that is natural, pure and good for you.

Why raw?

We believe that raw is better for you. Raw chocolate has not been roasted and so still contains all the wonderful minerals and nutrients naturally found in cacao. Raw cacao is good for your health with plenty of nutritional compounds, phytonutrients and antioxidants. Boosting your mood and making you feel good!

We wanted to bring you the ultimate in raw chocolate sensation with a taste that is truly divine.

Raw cacao, known as theobroma cacao, literally means 'food of the gods'. It is a nutrient rich botanical superfood.

Our chocolates are free of refined sugars, gluten and dairy, hydrogenated fats or nasty fillers. Our chocolates are organic and low on the glycaemic index, so it doesn't spike your blood sugar in the same way a normal chocolate bar will.